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Indego Capital Campaign

We need your support to help us raise $175,000 to purchase an Indego Therapy Kit for our program, so we can remain at the forefront of technology and keep our community walking.

$176,457 raised

$175,000 goal

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Our Indego Exoskeleton Campaign is a platform to raise $175,000 to purchase a bionic exoskeleton suit to enable Bridging Bionics Foundation's Aspen/Snowmass facility to expand as a world-class training center for individuals who are paralyzed to walk again. Bionic exoskeletons power individuals with lower extremity paralysis or weakness to stand upright, fully weight bear and take robotic assisted steps over ground. Each client in our program has a different neurological impairment or spinal cord injury, which is why it's important to offer someone the option of choosing an exoskeleton that best meets his or her needs.

Help us be the bridge to regaining mobility by turning your dollars into steps.