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Give the Gift of Mobility

$75 gifts a client one mobility session; $150 funds one educational presentation to a school, community or business; $500 sponsors a client’s annual program fee.

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How does your contribution make a difference?

$75 gifts a client one mobility session
$150 gifts a client two mobility sessions
$500 will sponsor a client and their annual client fee
$600 gifts a client one month of mobility sessions*
$750 will gift 10 client mobility sessions
$1,500 will gift 20 client mobility sessions
$3,600 gifts six months of mobility sessions*
$7,200 gifts 1 year of mobility sessions*

* 2 sessions per week

Paralysis can be socially isolating and is financially burdensome. Lifetime costs for spinal cord injuries can total over $2.5 million per individual. In most cases, insurance only covers 50-65% of these costs. We're providing a bridge to regaining mobility for individuals with neurological impairments to attain a better quality of life.

On October 19, 2015 Bridging Bionics Foundation launched Able Bionics USA, a charitable community-focused program for Aspen/Snowmass and Roaring Fork Valley residents, designed to help individuals who have neurological impairments regain mobility with the assistance of the Galileo neuromuscular training systems (vibrational tilt table and smart dumbbell) and a bionic exoskeleton suit.

The goal of our program is to provide ongoing access to cutting edge technology, which is typically cost prohibitive, for individuals with neurological mobility impairments to reduce secondary complications as a consequence of paralysis, serve as a preventative healthcare measure, and enhance neuro-recovery. The program utilizes trained physical therapists in a non-clinical health club facility that promotes inclusivity and well-being. We are bridging community. Our neuro-rehabilitation program is offered at low-cost as a community benefit and is funded through community support and donations to Bridging Bionics Foundation. Client sponsorships are available upon application.

Join us in celebrating the power of human ingenuity to uplift the human spirit and help our clients regain mobility. Walk with us.