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Give the Gift of Mobility

Join in helping us reach our goal for our Annual Appeal 2023

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100% of Your Donation Supports Our Mission

Bridging Bionics has gifted more than 16,700 therapeutic mobility sessions to its athletes with neurological mobility challenges in eight years of programming.

Every day our health depends on the simple act of physical mobility. We walk, run, move, and exercise. This basic activity strengthens our bodies and maintains optimized function as a result.

Now imagine that you have lost that essential ability. Imagine if you were told you’d never walk or run again, exercise, or be able to enjoy life without chronic health complications.

At Bridging Bionics, we believe it is a fundamental human need for mobility impaired individuals to have affordable access to frequent, ongoing physical therapy to gain freedom of movement and maintain health - both physically and emotionally. A chronic neurological condition like spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy, MS, or motor complications from a traumatic brain injury, stroke or Parkinson’s disease affects a person for life. This is why our program is designed to be affordable and accessible, indefinitely. Our athletes workout weekly, year after year, strengthening their bodies or preventing secondary complications often associated with paralysis or chronic neurological conditions. Bridging Bionics utilizes advanced technologies that are otherwise unavailable to our athletes. No-one is turned away due to financial hardship, and that is made possible through funding from generous donors like you.

Your generosity helps our athletes maintain their health and live more fulfilling lives. Health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid do not cover this long-term, continuing care. It happens only with your help. We need your support to continue serving our community.

With your gift, we can be a bridge to help our clients maintain and regain mobility. Walk with us, and together we can bridge mobility, bridge community, and build better lives, one step at a time.

In wellness and gratitude,

Amanda Boxtel, Executive Director