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I’m one of the fortunate individuals who has directly benefited from Bridging Bionics Foundation's Mobility Program. Their charitable neuro-rehabilitation program offers me a vital service that helps me maintain my wellness through physical therapy and advanced technology. Each athlete, including myself, at Bridging Bionics is gifted up to three hours of physical therapy per week, translating to an annual amount of $11,700 in direct physical therapy sessions. My cost is just $500 annually and is far less than the typical cost of physical therapy or even a common gym membership.

For this reason, I wanted to pay it forward by helping fundraise for their '23 Bridging Mobility Campaign. I am asking for your support to help me raise my personal goal of $500. With 64% of the athletes that Bridging serves needing financial assistance, donations will go directly towards scholarships that will cover their annual $500 program fee. Overall, by mobilizing together, we hope to raise a total of $20,000 for this cause and any amount of donation counts!

By becoming a donor, you will be giving the gift of mobility to all Bridging Bionics' athletes and will ensure everyone has access to a healthier, physically active, socially connected and fulfilling life!

I Appreciate Your Help,

Bridging Bionic’s Athlete

For privacy out of respect to the athlete, this campaign page is anonymous.