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My name is Polly Malehorn and I was diagnosed with MS back in 1983 but my symptoms didn’t really start for a long time, it was just a slow decline. I joined BBF pretty much at the beginning so I feel like I struck gold and I’m just so thankful I started when I did! All of the physical therapists are awesome and have taught me so much about my body and how I can help myself. I can tell how dedicated everyone is and I just feel so lucky to be a part of the program.

I have been walking with forearm crutches forever, but after a surgery complication last year, that has been really difficult. After regaining some confidence and lower body strength, I am now able to use them walking, more than ever. It is still my goal to continue building my endurance and strength up, so I can use my forearm crutches even more often! Emotionally, I feel really well supported and it just makes me really happy to come here.

For this reason, I wanted to pay it forward by helping fundraise for their '23 Bridging Mobility Campaign. I am asking for your support to help me raise my personal goal of $500. With 64% of the athletes that Bridging Bionics serves needing financial assistance, donations will go directly towards scholarships that will cover their annual $500 program fee. Overall, by mobilizing together, we hope to raise a total of $20,000 for this cause and any amount of donation counts!

By becoming a donor, you will be giving the gift of mobility to all Bridging Bionics' athletes and will ensure everyone has access to a healthier, physically active, socially connected and fulfilling life!

I Appreciate Your Help,


Condition: MS

Location: Glenwood Springs