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Give the Gift of Mobility

$278,075 raised

$250,000 goal

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

This year, rather than risking an in-person gala or asking you to sit through a virtual event, we are asking you to consider supporting Bridging Bionics with a direct donation to our Rise UP Campaign. Though we always take pride in our low overhead costs and fiscal responsibility, by eliminating a gala event this year, your Rise UP Campaign donation will fully and directly support our therapeutic mobility program.

In contrast to most physical therapy facilities, where patient cost is based on the health insurance system, strictly limiting the allowable number of paid sessions, access to Bridging Bionics is purposely designed more like a membership in a health club – that is, access to year-round consistent and ongoing physical therapy that utilizes advanced robotic technologies, combined with a performance training program. To achieve this, we rely on the financial support of donors like you. Bridging Bionics clients pay just $500 per year for two to three mobility sessions per week, with physical therapists who specialize in neurological conditions and have acquired training certifications in robotic exoskeletons. A chronic neurological impairment can affect someone for life, which is why our program is affordable and accessible, indefinitely. Our clients are not limited by a maximum number of sessions, insurance deductibles, or even cost. No-one is turned away due to financial hardship. Our scholarship program and charitable organization was founded on the principle that access to consistent, quality, physical therapy and advanced technologies should be affordable for all.

We have set a Rise UP Campaign goal of $250,000 that we hope to reach by October 31, 2021.

How does your contribution make a difference?

$75 gifts a client one mobility session
$150 gifts a client two mobility sessions
$500 will sponsor a client and their annual client fee
$750 will gift 10 client mobility sessions
$1,500 will gift 20 client mobility sessions
$3,600 gifts six months of mobility sessions*
$7,200 gifts 1 year of mobility sessions*
$10,000 funds an exoskeleton annual service fee
* 2 sessions per week

Let our program serve as a reminder to be grateful for the simplest of things – for freedom of mobility and celebrating minuscule gains with movements that are in fact momentous. Together, we will bridge mobility, bridge community, and bridge lives one step at a time.